Can you repeat that? are you looking to get absent of the Rogue levels?

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About the Wizard of Odds

How about the Cleric who when accurately buffed was THE most powerful brand in the game. Probably gonna advantage around lvl 6 but that can change. GiantOctopodes , AM As a diviner, the 1 feat I'd attempt for is Lucky, to allow add dice manipulation, since it's fun after that something your class does well. I don't have a problem with classes being powerful. Inured to Undeath: Actually situational, but I guess this capacity come up? Changeling:Significantly better for the sorc, but shapechanger along with your charm spells makes this race a game changer early on before you can get alter self. If you're not using a Focus in so as to off hand then you need en route for be tracking even minor components, which is a real pain in the ass. Wizards can afford a aim or two of dip without acute loss, and a level of boxer is often recommended for the proficiencies, or 2 levels of warlock designed for the at will damage. Your milage may vary.

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