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But, the bank is only willing en route for purchase USD at a rate of 1. Dynamic update of quotes is always determined by the current advertise situation, schedule of public holidays, after that operating hours, including those of the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange. Citibank can refuse the Dual Currency Deposit devoid of giving a reason for doing accordingly. The early redemption of a alien currency fixed deposit will very apt result in the partial loss of the principal sum due to the combined effects of the redemption charges and bid-ask spread charges. You can experience a loss when you altercation foreign currency back to your abode currency.

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Foreign Currency Time Deposit

You may experience a loss when you exchange foreign currency back to your home currency. An FCFD can be a very useful and safe approach to invest your money. The capital deposited in an FCFD earns activity but comes with some currency altercation risk. Select the strike from the table or enter your own achieve. Currency exchange in Citibank Online 1. Investment products: Are not insured as a result of the state.

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