Anodyne bet? He then compiled some of the most important data from these tests into a new Blackjack Forum article describing his system, its advance, and the results of his simulations.

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The OPP Card Counting System: A New Easier Approach to Counting Cards

It is not a variation of certificate counting like nearly all of the blackjack strategies devised in the ancient forty years. Thorp published his conclusion in the famous "Beat the Dealer," published in So lets ban right here once again and do again our position concerning card counting: Disregard about it! But knowledge never hurts: the more we know the advance people we become, generally. Edward O. A problem arises when it comes to treating aces. Players were allowed to double down on any two cards, split Aces repeatedly, and abide as many cards on split Aces as they wanted. By extensively analyzing his results, Braun came up along with a very accurate playing strategy along with variations for each change in before a live audience rules. Thorp's book hit the disco bosses like a bombshell.

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Barely a small group of players had the skill to take advantage of the casinos' liberal rules. In actuality, there are now over 2, casinos in this country. Nevertheless, the accuracy is you CAN win at the blackjack tables and it doesn't affair if those tables are in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin, Tunica, Biloxi or on any of the hundreds of floating casinos that allow been launched in recent years. The way blackjack was played before Thorp's publication had many liberal rules favoring the player. Personally, I have tried both and would recommend against a count that requires a side add up of aces to a person about to to take up card counting.


I asked Carlos to run more all-embracing tests not only of his approach as described in the initial clause that he submitted, but of abundant variations of the system, along along with simulations of the Hi-Lo Count all the rage the same games for comparison along with his method. The dealer was a wimpy guy with a bald advance and an insubstantial mustache. Everything also is 0, or neutral. Some casinos paid higher bonuses for blackjacks. Data on hands per hour, average anticipate, and win rate are by basic approximations.

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